Family Matters – Justice Brownstone

While attending the 2010 National Family Law Program conference in Victoria, British Columbia this July, I had the opportuntiy to hear Justice Harvey Brownstone give a lecture focused on the future of family law.  Justice Harvey Brownstone, was appointed a provincial judge in 1995, and currently presides at the North Toronto Family Court.

Prior to hearing Justice Brownstone speak, I read his book “Tug of War A Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custoyd Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court”.  This book has been featured in the media over the past year including: the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, CBC, and many others.  The book also has its own facebook group of fans.

Justice Brownstone previewed a clip of the television show he is developing.  Currently there are several episodes that are aimed at providing legal information relating to family law and the Canadian justice system  in a unique and approachable way.

“Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone is a one-of-a-kind online TV show all about family law issues.  Justice Brownstone interviews guests from the legal community to answer pressing questions that the public has about family law in Canada.  Using social media like Youtube, Skype, and’s legal forum, Justice Brownstone answers questions from the public on family law.  He and his guests help us understand our complicated family law system.  Topics include child support, collaborative law, mediation, and child protection.”

I would suggest taking a look at Justice Harvey Brownstone’s Family Matters episodes which will provide you with legal information on topics including support, divorce and when children need lawyers.