Is Your DUI Lawyer is Qualified to Handle Your Case? Here’s How to Tell

Lawyer and client shaking hands.

When it comes to DUI’s, do you know how to recognize a qualified lawyer?


So, you find that you are charged with a DUI offense. This will affect your life going forward. From your home life to jobs to relationships – a DUI will change everything, including your employment and travel opportunities.  One of the best things you can do is to seek the help of a DUI Lawyer.  However, not all lawyers are created, or educated, equally.  A DUI will affect your future, so find a lawyer that is qualified for your particular situation.

How do you know if the lawyer you are considering is qualified to handle your case?

Do they know the full extent of the law?

Laws change. It is extremely important to be on top of the current law and changes made to it. There have also been well-known situations of cases being won or lost due to an obscure law that had not been abolished.  When it comes to DUI’s, every angle matters, and the angle that works for you will depend on your own situation.  It will also depend on how well your lawyer is familiar with both you and the DUI laws.  A qualified DUI lawyer will know the full extent of the current DUI laws and how they will apply directly to you.

Do they take the time to listen to you?

It becomes easy to become consumed with a day’s work. A lawyer needs to pay full attention to their current client during the time the client is with them. They need to know their client, their story, and their situation.  Failure to miss the smallest detail can make the difference between winning and losing a case.  A qualified lawyer will take the time to get to know you. They will take the time to explain your options and they will take the time to make sure they do whatever they can to help.

Are they creative?

Law is not always textbook. DUI law is no different. There are set rules and guidelines that must be followed, but sometimes it takes some creative thinking to work them in your favour. A qualified DUI lawyer will have this experience. They will have worked on challenging past cases, giving them the experience to be able to handle yours.

If you are in a DUI situation and need advice and representation, talk to us. The lawyers at McGlashan & MacKinnon are highly qualified in difficult DUI situations.  We care about our clients and we are happy to help. Even if you think that your case cannot be won, talk to us about what we can do. The results may happily, surprise you.  At McGlashan & MacKinnon we truly care about you.