5 Things You Need to Know About Hit and Runs

If you’ve been involved in a hit and run, there are some basic things that you’ll need to know—whether you’re the one who’s been hit or you’re the one who fled the scene. 1) What is a hit and run? A hit and run describes an accident where the driver of a vehicle - who has been involved in a collision, either with another vehicle, someone’s property, a human being, or even an animal -  leaves the scene without leaving the proper information with the injured party or the authorities. 2) What kind of information do you need to leave… read more >>

I’m Building a New Home. Do I Still Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

For many people, building their own home is more alluring than spending months upon months house hunting. From the very start, you are in control of the design process and are not dealing with renovating the wear and tear of a previously owned home. You also avoid having to deal with sellers who might be a little too emotionally attached to the property. While there is a list of pros for choosing the do-it-yourself route, there are drawbacks and a unique set of struggles to navigate through. You need to hire the right people to make your dream come true,… read more >>

The Top Five Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation

Whether it is contested or uncontested, a divorce is an emotionally draining and mentally exhausting procedure.  It brings up past emotions of a relationship gone wrong. It also introduces a wide range of questions and confusion about the divorce process itself.  A divorce lawyer is an experienced professional who works with you to help you through the process.  Choosing the correct lawyer is pertinent to having a smooth divorce process.  While your first consultation can be overwhelming, the questions you ask will determine how well you will be able to work with your lawyer. The following questions will help you… read more >>

Caught Driving Impaired? A DUI Attorney CAN Save You Money!

Car Keys and Alcohol and Handcuffs on a Desk
Sometimes you make mistakes, and impaired driving or driving under the influence (DUI) is an error in judgement that can affect your life for years. In Canada, drinking and driving is not explicitly illegal, however driving while impaired, or driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level above .05 will result in immediate consequences, and more severe penalties or criminal charges above a .08 BAC. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, hiring an attorney specializing in impaired driving and DUI cases can help you save money by reducing your charges. Drinking and Driving and the Law… read more >>

New Impaired Driving Laws in Alberta

Effective April 9, 2018, the Alberta impaired law has changed. Under the new legislation, officers will be given wider discretion on whether or not to criminally charge those who blow over the legal limit of .08. For the most part, new offenders will see a license suspension rather than face criminal charges. These changes follow an Alberta Court of Appeal decision back in May that struck down the existing DUI laws. The province found that tying a license suspension to the outcome on the court case was unconstitutional, allowing the Officers to be both judge and jury on the roadside.… read more >>

Do I Need a Sperm Donor Agreement?

There are many reasons these days why people seek alternate methods of conceiving a child. Sperm donation and artificial insemination are popular among many lesbian or gay couples, single women and even heterosexual couples. But when it comes to parents, children and relationships, a lot of significant issues must be considered. Many people do not want to use anonymous sperm from a sperm bank; they prefer to choose someone known to them. This makes things a bit more complicated so yes, you do need a sperm donor agreement. Why do I need a sperm donor agreement? A sperm donor agreement… read more >>

The Craziest Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements

Do celebrity prenuptial agreements ever achieve anything other than attention? In many cases, yes they do. Prenups are meant to protect the assets that you had before entering into marriage, so that you still have them afterwards. Here are some of the craziest celebrity prenups; some that worked and some that didn’t. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Ben Affleck would have been fined $5 million if he had cheated on Jennifer Lopez, and $1 million for lying, but they broke up before he could do either one. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Katie Holmes came out of her marriage to… read more >>

Unwed and Without Children? You Still Need a Will

When people think about wills, they often think only about the future of their spouse and children, but for those without a family a will is still an incredibly important document. Here are some things to consider if you do not have a will and are without kids and a spouse. It isn’t Just for After You Die A will and testament is a legal document that outlines your wishes in the event of your death but also in the event of your being unable to make certain decisions. This could be the result of an accident, a medical issue… read more >>

Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do During an Arrest

If you are arrested, showing cooperation and staying selectively silent will be to your advantage. Here are three things you should do if you are arrested. Be Cooperative If you are being arrested, the worst thing you can do is be hostile, or speak aggressively to the arresting officers. It may be a head-spinning experience, but you should try to listen to everything they are saying, and answer any personal questions asked of you. (more…) read more >>

Three Tips to Avoid Breaking your Probation during the Holidays

Summary: On probation? Don’t let an overly festive holiday decision get you into legal trouble. The holidays are a time for cheer, celebration, families and parties. They are meant to create fond memories of the season and the time spent together. What is meant as freedom during the holidays can be taken for granted. This is especially true for somebody on probation. It is possible to fully enjoy your holidays while on probation. It is extremely important however, to enjoy them without breaking your probation rules.  Breaking probation has severe results that can dramatically change your future and the future… read more >>